Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everybody Sees My Green Light!"

These past few months people have been seing my green chat light on in Gmail.
Green means "online and available to chat".
Theoretically it means I'm "here".
Even when I'm not, apparently.
Apparently I'm here even when I'm switched off.
Even when I'm lurking with intent in the the seedy back alleys of Tiruvannamalai, a little bell will tingle and throb by my hip pocket. I'll cuss and pull it out and a message will say "Hi" and, "Uh, uh... sorry to disturb, I see you're busy"
I don't know whether this is pleasing or disconcerting to be always "here".
Where that might be I know not, except that I am always Here these days, it seems.
Even when I'm Not.

It's all down to the New God who's in our lives these days.
The Google God in the persona of Android.

Oh Android! Please don't start to make me Paranoid.
Let me switch off once in in a while to recharge my emotional batteries!

Hari Om!


  1. That's poignant. It might be a settings issue. You should at least be going "away" when not active.


  2. Barney found the answer: It is indeed in the settings menu under "General sync settings", a big tick in the Background Data box. There's a program I use (Inkpad) which switches this on when it updates itself ;)