Saturday, May 7, 2011

Game For A Laugh??

 T r a n s l i t e r a t i o n:

A    Grand
  Of the Effects Produced by INHALING
Nitrous Oxide, Exhilerating, OR
L A U G H I N G   G A S  !!

Will be Given At         The Masonic Hall
Saturday  E V E N I N G,   15th

&   ^   &   ^   &   ^   &   ^   &

30   G A L L O N S    O F    G A S
w i l l   be
p r e p a r e d     a n d    a d m i n i s t e r e d
t o    a l l     i n    t h e     a u d i e n c e  
w h o     d  e  s  i  r  e      t o     i n h a l e   it.

MEN will be invited from the audience, to protect
those under the influence of the Gas from in-
juring themselves or others. This course Is adopted
that no Apprehension of danger may be entertained.
Probably no one will attempt to fight.
THE EFFECT OF THE GAS  is to make those who Inhale it
LAUGH, SING, DANCE, SPEAK OR FIGHT, &c, &c according to the leading trait of their character. They seem to retain consciousness
enough not to say or do that which they would have occasion
to regret.

N.B. The Gas will be administered only to gentle-
men of the first respectability. The Object is to make
the Entertainment in every Respect, a Gentle Affair.
&   ^   &   ^   &   ^   &   ^   &   ^   &   ^   &

Those Who Inhale the Gas once, are always anxious to inhale it a second time. There is not
an Exception to this Rule.
No language can describe the Delightful Sensation produced. Robert Southey, (poet) once said
that "the atmosphere of the highest of all heavens must be composed of this Gas."
For a Full account of the Effect upon some of the most Distinguished Men of Europe,
see Hooper's Medical Dictionary, under the head of NITROGEN.

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