Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Christmas Escapade ~ By Shadow

While I was enjoying a quiet Christmas in India, my dog Shadow in India was having his own idea of a good time. He and Barney had been invited over to Cambridge for the evening meal. Not long after arrival, a small group took him out for a walk in the chilly streets and ice-packed frosty air. All went well Shadow was the much-loved darling, the centre of attention, luxuriating in the fuss that was made of him.
Back home, joints were rubbed and warmth crept into limbs as the fire of the Christmas spirit was kindled. Guests continued to arrive and as the merry throng chatted and greeted, the flames caught hold and started to blaze until the bell went.

One guest entered and this little blighter bolted out unto the dark frosty night. All rushed out onto their bikes calling his name while our host, who was right in the middle of cooking the meal, became frantic with worry, carefully tending the oven and wondering whether anyone would return to eat it.

Words fail me at this point, the point at which such behaviour in humans amounts to preposterous behaviour, our Shadow turned the situation round and will now relate his own version of the events, in the words of his Barney his amanuensis:

"I made 7 people unforgettable Christmas 2009 last night. When Les opened the door at 7.30pm to invite his guests I sneaked and rushed out like lighting on the streets of Cambridge even though they took me for 2 hour walk earlier in the afternoon. They all were worried and didn't know what to do. Barney was running around in his slippers and Les was looking for me in the bike even Phil who left the house in the middle of preparing food and was searching for me, including one of the guest. I know they were worried sick ;-) . At last Barney found me near a close after about half an hour and they were relieved. Even after this little naughty play (Don't tell to anybody but I did enjoy my run as I was off the lead and I don't get that many chances!) they all loved me to pieces nobody; was scolding and they were always cuddling me. So I had lot of fun. I even had a Christmas present of Pedigree Schmackos Limited Edition Turkey flavour which Les & Phil got for me. So I am happy here. You look after yourself."

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